Piano Rebuilding

We can rebuild your Grand or Upright piano

Piano Rebuilding

We can completely rebuild your grand or upright piano. We have many years of experience and an incredible record of success in piano rebuilding projects. We truly enjoy the piano, and we like to think it shows in our work & craftsmanship. However, as perfectionists, please keep in mind that rebuilds can take some time. But upon review we can give you an estimate of time required, and we usually meet these deadlines. Let’ discuss your piano rebuild project today!

Here are just a few of the services we offer:

  • Refinishing the Case
  • Restoring the Soundboard
  • Regluing or replacing Ribs on the Soundboard
  • Replating the Harp
  • Replacing or restoring the Pinblock
  • Putting in new Tuning Pins
  • Restringing the Piano
  • Replacing and restoring Keys and Keytops
  • Rebuilding the Action from top to bottom

Need something not listed? Don’t fret! Contact us and we’ll do all we can for you.

Additional Services

Also of note, we are experts in water damaged pianos.

And we pick up your unwanted pianos for free.

Thank you for your business!